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We at Vrinda Inc help our customer to select right product. To facilitate selecting right rolling shutter for you application, Please fill out following form and send to us.

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Purpose of Rolling Shutter *
It helps us to select right Slat for your required application
Opening Location *
Opening Location. How we identify the shutters for each opening. (If you don't do this now, you'll be very confused later and if you order shutters, you will have a devil of a time figuring out which shutter goes where.
Opening Width: First, go outside/inside and measure the width of the opening you want to protect. *
Brick to Brick or Width or Frame to Frame in Inches
Your answer
Opening Height: Measure the Height of the opening you want to protect. *
Brick to Brick or Frame to Frame in Inches
Your answer
Quantity *
Please indicate Quantity for one measurement only
Type of Slat *
Select the Type of Slat
Do You Need Light Slat *
Small Perforation in Slat joining area to allow the light to come in
Do you Require Sill on Shutter *
Please Note : Sill Will reduce the Space into Opening Height
Select Color *
For Aluminum , Poly carbonate Shutter, Choose from following.
Installation Type *
Surface Mount is Face of Wall /Surface Installation. Recess Mount is between the Jamb Installation
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