Are you a "geeky" girl in training? (2019 survey)
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Currently enrolled in college or university?
Are you studying a "geeky" subject?
Do you identify as a woman or girl?

Complete our survey and you could receive $10, $25, or $50 (USD) worth of Amazon vouchers as a thank-you incentive. We do a random drawing twice each month and reward up to 3 respondents.

The results of this survey will allow us to:
---- gather demographic data on women who love "geeky" subjects,
---- help us collect information on how entering your field can be improved for women, and
---- gain insight on the opinions of gender inequality within STEM fields.

Please, give us detailed answers. We want to hear your story, in your words. This information will help your fellow "geeky" girls and increase your chances of winning some Amazon spending money (we ask for your email address)!

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Your answer
Do you identify as a woman?
If 'no' how do you identify?
Your answer
What country do you live?
Your answer
What subject are you (or are thinking about) studying?
Your answer
What year (in your subject) are you in?
How did you become interested in studying your subject? Were you involved in any clubs or programs?
Did you go to space camp, join the mathletes, or become a member of a programming club?
Your answer
What is your most used gadget and what do you use it for?
Do you use your computer for school only? Do you spend hours on your PS3 during the weekends?
Your answer
What were you into when you were younger?
e.g. solving puzzles, entering science competitions, watching movies or TV
Your answer
How confident are you about getting a job in your field?
Not at all confident (I'll never get a job! What am I going to do with my life?)
Extremely confident (Don't worry! I'll definitely get a job.)
What have you already been doing and what will you do differently this upcoming school year that will prepare you for your career?
(Join clubs, attend tutoring sessions, create study groups, internships, etc.)
Your answer
What did you do during the summertime?
(Did you do anything cool that helped further your experience in your chosen field?)
Your answer
Are there enough women in your field?
Oh, heck no.
Yeah, there are so many!
Do you have a role model or mentor? Tell us about her/him!
If not, why not?
Your answer
How would you encourage young girls in middle school and high school to get more involved in science and tech?
Your answer
How do you think women and men differ in their respective learning experiences?
Are girls better at certain subjects? Are boys treated differently in school?
Your answer
Imagine your life in 10 years. Describe it to us...
(How do you see your future? Will you have a career?)
Your answer
Are you aware of programs like Girls into science and technology (GIST), Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) and Project Access? Do you take part? What do you think of these programs?
.....Or any other similar programs. Please share the names of these.
Your answer
Please give a valid email address to enter our twice-monthly Amazon voucher prize draw!
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Would you be interested in chatting more about this topic via email or Skype?
Bonus: What’s your favorite movie, TV show, or video game? We’d like to know!
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