Michelson Spark Grant COVID-19 Round Application
With the COVID-19 crisis severely impacting the educational space, the Michelson 20MM Foundation is launching a new round of the Spark Grant program.

The vision for the Spark Grant Program is to introduce an innovative just-in-time grantmaking process to fill urgent needs for education organizations that are well-aligned with our Key Target Outcomes. We seek to fund highly impactful initiatives that would not be possible if they needed to wait through a traditional grant decision timeline. The Key Target Outcomes for this round are:

-Increasing access to and efficiency of emergency student aid programs
-Decreasing the “digital divide” through ensuring students, faculty, and nonprofits have access to devices, high-speed internet, technology solutions, and IT support
-Accelerating the growth and shift to online and remote education via support for students and faculty

We are committed to reaching a decision on each application within 15 business days.

In the spirit of acting quickly, grants will be allocated over the next three weeks (until the total funding is distributed) and you won’t need to wait for a specific deadline.

The Spark Grant Program is available to United States-based non-profits.

If you are having issues with this form please contact ryan@20mm.org
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Please overview the amount of funding requested and your proposed usage of funds. Be sure to include which of the above Key Target Outcomes your proposal addresses and who would be the populations impacted by the grant. Please also include a proposed timeline for grant usage and metrics to identify success. *
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