Explaining Personality
Take the Extroversion Introversion Test by Psychology Today and answer the questions below.
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a. Read the Myers & Briggs Foundation article on Extroversion & Introversion and explain both concepts *
b. Based on the definitions would you say you are more of an introvert or an extrovert? Explain why you say that. *
2. Take the Extroversion Introversion test by Psychology Today and answer the questions below.
a. How did the test describe your personality? *
b. Are you surprised or not by your results? How closely did you results match what you thought in question 1? *
c. What types of questions in the test do you feel had the largest role in helping decide your results? Explain (ex. Social situation, work load, activity etc…) *
3. Take the Lonerwolf Introversion Test and answer the following questions
a. Were the results of the Lonerwolf test similar to the Psychology Today Test? If they were different explain why that might be. *
b. Why is it ironic that the test is called Lonerwolf? *
c. How were the two tests similar and different? *
Thought Question
4. What role does being an Introvert or extrovert have in the development of your personality? Explain your answer by asserting the role, explaining your reasoning on how that impacts your personality, and provide an example or piece of evidence to support your assertion. *
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