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We are proud to present to you the application form for masterclass programme in Floating castle festival 2023!

This year the Festival, Etno Histeria Orchestra and 10 masterclasses will be held all at the same place and same period - in the deep forest by Castle Snežnik, south east Slovenia:

LOCATION GRAD SNEŽNIK https://rb.gy/icsypa


We offer 12 artistic Masterclasses with great mentors:

17. - 30.7.

Stop Motion Animation with Mitja Manček

20. - 30.7. 

Juggling with group Cirkokrog

22. - 30.7.

Theatre Improvisation with Ollie Rasini

Huge Puppets with Brane Solce & Sanja Fidler (Teatro Papelito, Protestival) 

Stilt Walking with Jiri N. Jelinek (Long vehicle Circus)

Clownery with Alenka Marinič in Justin Durel (Globus Hystericus)

Acrobation & movement with Mojca Špik, Inan Du Swami  

Dance improvisation with Zala Pezdir 

Freestyle Rap with Urh Mlakar 

Balkan accordion with Uroš Jezdić

NEW: Free form folk with Zvezdana Novaković

21. - 30.7.

Commedia dell' arte with Matteo Spiazzi

Apart from this, there will be Etno Histeria World workshops (70 musicians) + Stage design  17. - 30.7. (30 stage designers & visual artists) in the same area. So, quite a big pot of artists and different artforms at the same place.


Until 26th July there will be intense workshops, each with its own schedule and system. In the evenings, there will be some jam sessions, shows and different activities in which, artists would connect informally ( we will define evening programme later). 

Aside from gaining knowledge, skills and experience, the aim of masterclasses is also to connect visual installations, space and different artforms and present them on Floating castle Festival in days 27th till 30th July. Depending on the workshop, this can be moving installation, short show, intervention, concert. 

You can find all the descriptions and details of the masterclasses, the price and duration here: 



The municipality of Loška Valley lies on the southern edge of Slovenia, about 60 km from Ljubljana.

The hilly, mostly forested landscape, the mysterious karst world and the rich history of the Loška Valley offers many surprising experiences, but at the same time the deep peace and serenity of its remoteness. 

Combining jams and workshops with musicians from all over the world, embraced by trees, great atmosphere and lovely crew of cooks. We’ll organise bar, all kinds of extra artistic and performative activities and other fancy extra things. Limited access to phone signal and electricity, so we suggest that you bring a powerbank with you. Unlimited access to tunes.


Great cooks from Cat’s hill. 3 meals per day (alleater, vegetarian and vegan friendly food)

PROGRAM (can differ for each workshop):

Breakfast, workshops from 10.00 to 13.30, lunch, siesta, workshops from 16:30 to 19.30, dinner, evening activities (jam nights, puppet shows, dance evenings, concerts, etc.). 

APPLICATIONS DEADLINE: 15th of April (but can be prolonged)


FC Masterclasses are not for the weak! There is nature camping, unpredictable weather, all night jams, touring, live bears, last minute program changes and all sorts of logistical conundrums. Beware and be ready ;) 

P.S. We are not kidding

CONTACT masterclass.floating@gmail.com

So! Not much is needed to be said, dive in and choose your masterclass!

You can find all the descriptions and details of the masterclasses, the price and duration here


You can apply for an Individual Mobility Grant: Culture Moves EU, which offers mobility grants to individual artists and cultural professionals. 

Link to the Individual Mobility Grant description https://culture.ec.europa.eu/sites/default/files/2022-10/culture-moves-europe-individual-mobility-call-document.pdf 

Link to application form: https://gap-online.goethe.de/en-US/ 

DEADLINE 31 May, 2023 

Important: The mobility grant covers plane tickets if you are more than 600km away. This grant encourages Green transport (means train!). If you apply you will get the result at the end of June. When filling out the "host" section, use the text from the masterclass description and the description of the festival (you can find both on the website of the festival).

We do provide some help, but as we also have no experience withs this grant, we cannot promise a lot. If you have questions regarding the Mobility Grant, write to us at : info@floatingcastle.si

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