General Education Outcomes
Please provide comments and feedback on the four proposed general education outcomes.
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Comments on "Students will analyze complex problems to propose evidence-based solutions. Critical thinking is demonstrated through inquiry, logic, research, and analysis to deal effectively with real life and occupation-related problems."
Comments on "Students will interpret numerical data using real life and occupational-related problems. Quantitative literacy is demonstrated through the use of mathematical information numerically, symbolically, and visually to interpret data."
Comments on "Students will deliver effective oral communication for a professional setting. Effective oral communication is demonstrated through speaking with appropriate volume, inflection, and eye contact, maintains a professional tone; stays within the assigned time limit; and is detailed, accurate, well-organized, and engaging."
Comments on "Students will be able to create and submit unique professional and/or academic work using productivity software (i.e. Microsoft Office). Digital literacy is demonstrated through successfully completing assignments by following the instructions to include page limits, font, spacing, and formatting."
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