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You know more about your community than we do, and we'd like to be able to draw on that expertise from time to time. We might ask you whether you'd be willing to help us with a particular project, or one of our reporters might get in touch to ask about an issue they're working on, or just to check in and see what's happening in your area that you think we should be writing about. We will not share any of the information you give us through this form with anyone outside of Dublin Inquirer. Questions or concerns? You can reach us at sam@dublininquirer.com.
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Local Elections, "Citizens' Agenda"
The local elections are coming up in May, and in our coverage we want to focus on the issues you care about – and get aspiring local councillors to focus on addressing those issues too. So we're building a "citizens' agenda", and would appreciate it if you'd help by answering this one last question – and sharing this survey around to get as many other people in the city to answer it as possible too.
What do you want the candidates in the upcoming local elections to be discussing as they compete for votes? *
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