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Get involved today: SODELPA aims to win the 2018 elections. All political parties are self-funding and volunteering is one way to donate your time and skills to help the party win in 2018.

There's more than one way to help SODELPA: Parties are funded solely by donations and volunteering is a way for you to contribute to the campaign - it is your beliefs in action. You will work with a great team of like-minded volunteers giving our all to ensure Fiji is governed in the right way.

This is a great opportunity to work with future leaders of Fiji and learn from them, you will see the campaign in action, as part of a great team.

Voluntary help is needed at all levels of the party and in all divisions of Fiji.

People volunteer for all types of reasons. You may want to update your skills, be active, or improve your job prospects, at the same time as helping SODELPA to win the next elections. Most importantly, if you have a passion for SODELPA and support the party, and you can work effectively as part of a team.

We rely on our members to shape our policies, fight our campaigns and help to run and win elections where we can make a difference for Fiji.

As a volunteer, you can make new friends and meet like minded people. You will develop new skills and gain valuable work experience.

You will get to see the internal workings of a political/campaigning organisation and to have the satisfaction that you are part of the party machinery furthering our cause and helping to win the 2018 elections.

Volunteers at the Party's National Office carry out a variety of administrative support work. This can range from helping with mail, answering telephone calls, email enquiries, data entry, data analysis, assisting our Fundraising, Finance Officer, Membership and opportunity for much more hands on experience.

At the local branch level, volunteering will involve door to door campaigns, handing out flyers, helping organise party rallies, fundraising activities and taking part in party meetings.

In all areas we will provide in house training but any relevant experience and skill sets would be desirable.

Wherever possible we aim to identify specific roles for people according to their skills, experience, interest and availability.

The more information you provide on the application form, the greater the likelihood of us being able to find an appropriate way to use your skills. We are very fortunate to receive a high level of interest for volunteering in our office, but with only limited opportunities available, this unfortunately means it is not always possible to place everyone that applies.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) we invite you to fill in the form linked below and email your CV to You can also visit the SODELPA Office at 66 McGregor Road, Suva, with your CV. Please get in touch on 3301544 or 8693295 or 7181485 before you visit so that we have someone ready to see you. All the information you submit is kept confidential.
Want to be part of #TeamSODELPA2018? Volunteer Today!

If your application is approved, we will ask you to come in for a brief interview where we will agree on the kind of volunteer work you will undertake, and discuss generally the hours and days you will be volunteering for the party. Volunteers will be introduced to the party and learn how it works. You will also have the opportunity to meet the Party Leader, General Secretary, MPs and other officials at the Volunteer Training Workshop.

Who Can Volunteer?

We seek friendly, cooperative, and reliable volunteers who believe in what the party stands for and want to support the party by volunteering.

What kind of volunteer work is involved?

Volunteers assist SODELPA in a variety of ways including but not limited to research (online, in-person, telephone, polling), data entry, social media, door-to-door campaign, handing out flyers, fundraising, social event planning and event set-up and execution as well as office management duties (filing, reception, etc). Basically, we ask you to help where you can, master various basic work and people skills - qualifications and work experience are a bonus but not essential, we will have a discussion, an orientation and find your best fit, and then you can progress as we go along.

Volunteer Requirements

In order for SODELPA to schedule and communicate with volunteers effectively, volunteers must:

- Sign up to volunteer by registering through the volunteer application form

- Be able to understand, agree, and follow the SODELPA volunteer requirements as detailed on the Volunteer Guidelines and Conditions.

Contact SODELPA today for more information:

Please get in touch on 3301544 or 8693295 or 7181485



Twitter: @SodelpaHQ

Party Office: 66 McGregor Road, Suva, Fiji

Postal Address: GPO Box 17889, Suva, Fiji
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Please email your CV/Resume to and feel free to come in to 66 McGregor Road Suva to become a member and discuss this further. We also encourage you to LIKE our facebook page and to friend SODELPA Fiji on facebook to stay updated.
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