Rooster 2000 Inland Championships - Online Entry
Ullswater Yacht Club - 27th to 28th May 2017

Entry fees will be £35.00 per boat; this is being subsidized at £10 per boat by the 2000 Class Association, so entrants (who must be 2000 Class Association members) will only pay £25 per boat.
Entries from helms under 18 years will be granted a further £5.00 discount.
Full payment must be made at the event reception.
All camping fees are detailed in the Notice of Race and payment must be made at event reception.

2000 Class Association Membership Number
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2000 Sail Number
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Name of Boat
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Helm: First Name
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Helm: Last Name
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Home Sailing Club
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Is the helm under 18 years of age on 27 May 2017
If under 18, Age of helm on the 27 May 2017.
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Crew: First Name
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Crew: Last Name
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Helm's postal address
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You will be asked to sign the following declaration at the event reception.
Declaration I agree
• To be bound by the current ISAF RROS 2017 -2020, the notice of race, the appropriate class association rules and the sailing instructions of Ullswater Yacht Club
• That neither Ullswater Yacht Club the Race Organiser or, or any Officers or persons acting on their behalf, during the event shall be held responsible for any loss, damage, death or personal injury arising from participation in this event. This is also valid for vessels involved in security, salvage or towing as well as the persons driving those vessels or having put their vessels at our disposal.
• It is the sole responsibility for each yacht crew to decide whether or not to start or continue in any race.
• That I will ensure the suitability of the said boat for the race or races.
• That I acknowledge the Risk Statement set out in the event Notice of Race.
• That insurance will remain in place to cover my craft for racing activities including 3rd party risks of at least £2 m

If helm under 18 name & signature of Parent/Guardian who will prevent above starting in any race where boat/conditions are unsuitable

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