Student Advisory Council Feedback Survey
Dear Mission Students:
As the school begins planning for next year the Student Advisory Council has created a survey to get as much feedback as possible from you, our students. Please take a few moments to answer the questions below. We will use your feedback to guide our planning meetings and share with teacher-leaders, families, and all of our community.
Thank you for taking the time to give your input.
What grade are you in? *
Do You feel that Mission has a strong, supportive and connected community? *
Do you think you would do better academically if school started later in the morning? (School would end later as well). *
Do you feel well-informed around issues of social justice here at MHS? *
At what grade level do you think you should begin learning about college? *
Should we offer an annual sexual harassment awareness and training assembly every year? *
Do you feel like you have someone (an adult) here that you trust and that you could go to if you needed support. *
Should we keep a student suggestion box in the main office so that students can add suggestions during the school year? *
Do you think your classes are challenging? *
If you said yes explain why, and if you said no explain why. *
Your answer
What suggestions do you have to help create a stronger community between students, teachers, and staff? *
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If you could add one class to Mission High what would it be *
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Are there any club or groups that you think Mission High should have that we don't currently offer? *
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