How to Lose chest fat & Get Man Boobs fast!
How to lose chest fat & get Man Boobs fast!

We all have parts of our body that we prefer to improve. For women it is usually their legs, butt or the back of their arms. For men they want to make stomach acid free or make their biceps bigger.

But there is another common "problem area" on the body of a man who irritates them most (and embarrasses them). It's something that guys have been asking me about for years.

I'm talking about fat on the chest. aka man boobs !

The following article will explain exactly why this happens so often for men and (more importantly) how you lose breast fat and lose man boobs as quickly as possible.


Do You Suffer From Gynecomastia?
What causes Man Boobs?
There are 3 main reasons why a man's chest looks more like female breasts than the male, flat, skinny, muscular chest that most men want them to have.

High fat percentage:

When the human body thickens, it stores that fat in a way that is predetermined by your genetics. For some men, some of their excess body fat is stored as breast fat (blame your parents for this). Not to mention the fact, no matter what genetics a man has, if you start to get a lot of fat, your body just starts to run out and place it at a certain moment, and a part of it just ends up on your chest. . Just another reason to avoid getting fat, boys.

Gynecomastia - Man Boobs
This is actually the medical term for 'male boobs' and it is VERY different from just breast fat. Gynecomastia is actually caused by breast tissue, and not by fat tissue, due to the fact that your hormone levels (testosterone and estrogen) get a little confused. This is why gynecomastia occurs most often during puberty or at a higher age. That is why men usually develop their men's sleep during their teenage years or when they are older than 50 years. Gynecomastia is also a common side effect of the use of steroids (because it screws with hormone levels) and certain diseases and medications. This condition would affect more than 30% of men and may be mild ("swollen nipples") or extreme (entirely on female breasts).
Male Breast Reduction
Yup, sometimes a guy has some degree of Gynecomastia (breast tissue) AND a higher fat percentage (breast fat) that both combine to make this possible.
So guys, now you know what causes this embarrassing problem. Now you need to know how to lose breast fat and finally get rid of your man boobs once and for all.

Before looking at the actual solution, let's see what NOT WORKING

Weight lifting can help, but it is NOT the solution
When a man wants to know how he can lose manboobs, his first thought is often that he has to start training and do breast exercises, such as the bench press (especially the bank drop for the "lower chest"), dumbbell flyes, push ups, and so on. Why? Because his goal is to get rid of breast fat, and these exercises focus on the chest. That's why a good weightlifting workout routine will solve everything, right?
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