SISB PU Gymnastics Academy - March 2020 - REGISTRATION CLOSED

Please carefully read and make sure you understand before proceeding.

The Gymnastics Academy registration for the month of March is now open.

Registration will be closed on Friday 28th of February 2020.

If you have not signed up by this date, you will have to be patient and register for the following month. Any sign ups made on the 29th of February onward will not be automatically considered and your child/children may not be able to join.

Through this registration form, you will be asked to select which dates you would like your child/children to attend.

If you select Monday, you will be signing up for all 7 Monday sessions - March 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th + April 20th, 27th. You will be charged for the full 7 sessions.

Please be aware that some Academies are ongoing throughout the year. Some Academies will continue regardless if it is during school holidays and thus run a monthly service term.

Withdraw and modifications:

If you have signed up, but would like to withdraw your child/children or make any modifications, it will need to be done before Friday 28th February by contacting the Academy Coordinator (email below). The name list generated on Friday 29th of February will be considered final and you will need to honor the dates and will be responsible for ensuring your child/children’s attendance for the selected sessions as well as be accountable for the payment of said sessions.

Parents/Guardians please note:

We require everyone's cooperation in helping us run the Academies smoothly. Please consider all potential factors (holidays, other school activities, external activities) when selecting the dates. All students are required to attend their chosen activity independently, the teachers and coaches are not responsible for ensuring their attendance. There will be no make-up lessons for absences due to personal reasons. The dates selected and the total number of sessions you have selected, will be final on the 29th of February. You will need to honor the dates and be responsible for ensuring your child/children’s attendance for the selected sessions as well as be accountable for the payment of said sessions.

Once the invoice has been issued to you, please make payment within the deadline.

In the unlikely event that the minimum number of students for each session has not been met, we reserve the right to cancel the session. We will then find an alternative session to place your child/children in.

If you have any further questions, you may contact the Academy Coordinator, Tien Tan, at by stating your child/children's full name, nick name and class.
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Please make sure you have read the conditions above carefully before proceeding. Please note: if you do not agree your child/children will not be able to take part in the Academy program.
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