Women's Spirit Boutique Coaching Application
The Women's Spirit Boutique is a 12-week coaching program to help you let the spirit of your happy go lucky self be part of your everyday life for good!

An Application is important here to make sure we are a great fit and that I can understand what it is that you especially are looking for and that I am able to help. Please make sure you fill out all the questions below. I will contact you personally if I see that we belong in the boutique together.
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Have you ever worked with a Women's Mindset Coach/Healer or someone like this before? *
What are your 3 biggest struggles right now? *
What would you like to see change in the next 12 weeks? *
Are you ready to MAKE time for yourself? *
Are you ready to WILLING look at yourself a little differently in order to make a change? *
If selected to join the Women's Spirit Boutique, how committed and willing are you to invest in yourself right now? *
Joining the Women's Spirit Boutique is an investment financially, with your time, and in your willingness to make a change, how excited are you about this? *
Where did you learn about the Women's Spirit Boutique? *
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