Women's Spirit Boutique Coaching Application
The Women's Spirit Boutique is a 12-week coaching program to help you rediscover your rock solid sense of self.

An Application is important here to make sure we're a great fit. I want understand what you are looking for and that I am able to help. Please fill out the questions below. I will contact you personally when I see that we belong in the boutique together.
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Imagine it's 12 weeks from now, What would you like to see change? How are you feeling? What's different? *

What is the biggest challenge or fear that’s preventing you from connecting with yourself or knowing who you are?


Why is it important for you to have a rock solid sense of self?


Why is NOW the moment that you need this connection in your life?

Are you ready to MAKE time for yourself? *
Are you ready to WILLING look at yourself a little differently in order to make a change? *
Joining the Women's Spirit Boutique is an investment financially, with your time, and in your willingness to make a change, how excited are you about this? *
Joining this 3-month transformational coaching experience represents an intentional commitment to your growth, happiness and potential. Spots are extremely limited to keep the experience intimate and high-touch. If accepted, are you ready and able to invest into your future and long-term fulfilment right now? *
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