Application SoPact AP#3 – April-June 2017
Apply for the SoPact 3.0 accelerator program – April 2nd to June 22nd 2017 at Lund University, Helsingborg.

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Your answer should cover: [A]: What problem(s) are you solving or which need(s) are you addressing? [B]: What is your solution or how do you address the need? [C]: What is your market segment (customers) or what are your beneficiaries if you are a non-profit [D]: What is new and innovative with what you are doing?
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What positive Impact on society do you expect to provide with your startup or organisation? *
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How do you intend to make your startup or organisation financially sustainable? *
What are the revenue streams for your startup (or funding sources if you are a non-profit)?
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When did you start working on your startup or organisation and how much time (rough estimation) have you spent developing it? *
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Did you receive funding/grants to date? If yes, how much and from whom? *
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Yes, I’m able to start SoPact acceleration by the beginning April 2017
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