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Work Area Information

CORPORATE & PUBLIC EVENT VENUES need to provide adequate shade for outdoor events (pavilion, canopy, pop-up shader). All events, indoors or outdoors, need to provide tables, and chairs to accommodate the number of artists and attendees. Line stanchions and line managers are provided at the client's discretion. 

SMALL PRIVATE PARTY planners simply need to provide adequate space, shade & protection from the weather for outdoor parties, and possibly a small table or chair. Artists bring their own kit and supplies.

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Limitations To Who Can Receive Services Requiring Physical Contact

Anyone who appears ill, has a rash, open wound, broken skin, or any infectious conditions on the face or body area where physical contact may be made or painted will be refused. Any child who doesn't willingly choose to be painted will not be. Infants should not be painted due to the sensitivity of their developing skin and immunity. Please do your best to advise your attendees of these limitations before your event. 
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Products and Practices Disclosure (PPD)

Non-toxic, professional, cosmetic-grade face & airbush paints, henna and other products are used exclusively. FDA approval can be found on manufacturer websites. Artists adhere to safe practices as recommended by product manufacturers with regard to application and sanitation. Those who have skin sensitivities are responsible for making his or her own decision to participate or avoid face painting, henna, or airbrushing services. Each individual contract artist carries liability insurance and Face Paint Fever will not be held responsible for negligence with regard to product usage.
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Guarantee of Payment for Services

Final payment for services rendered by Face Paint Fever (FPF) must be made BEFORE hired artists leave your event. A maximum 50% NON-REFUNDABLE booking fee is required in order to confirm your event. This is to protect against last-minute cancelations, reschedules, or service changes resulting in artists' subsequent lost opportunity to work. Exceptions include cancelation on behalf of FPF where a replacement artist is undesired by the client or a replacement is unavailable. Company checks must be cut prior to the event in order to send with one of the artists as they leave.
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Mutual Agreement

Once both parties have agreed upon and confirmed event details, these form responses will act as a binding contract to each party. Form responses will be retained and available for either party to access as needed.
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Be Informed

If you are being charged professional rates ($85-$150/hr depending on the service) please be informed when hiring your next kids entertainment company with the tips  suggested below. If you are NOT being charged professional rates, ask your service provider for proof of licensing and insurance and their portfolio to see their work. Utah has a community of reputable, professional companies to serve your event; Face Paint Fever is proud to work with the very best of them. All of these professionals are licensed, carry insurance, have years of experience, and the skill & ability to deliver outstanding art to your guests. Business licensing is public information; certificates of insurance should willingly be provided to anyone who asks. Be advised that face paint, henna, balloons, and airbrush supplies can be purchased by non-professionals, and professional images can easily be copied from the internet and transferred to a personal website or socials by non-professionals. Thank you for considering Face Paint Fever to serve your event!
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