Dog Foster Application
F.R.E.S.A. is a grassroot movement that tries to improve conditions of animals found in need. We are not a dog shelter and solely depend on local foster homes to grant the animals (mostly dogs) the time they need to heal. All dogs are presented at a vet and are treated, personally evaluated and will be matched with the best possible foster home.
Behind FRESA stands Christine Loew, a long time resident of Playa del Carmen.
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Do you own your property? *
If you rent, have you gotten written permisson from the landlord to have a dog temporarily? *
Have you had a dog in your life before or do you have a dog living with you now? Please write a bit about your experience with animals *
Please give me a cell phone number where you can be reached. We also need this way of communication when you foster to be connected in case of emergencies. *
We will meet of course before the first foster dog, but is there any specific dog you prefer to foster? We very often cannot choose from the rescues in the street, but we also work together with shelters to help them alleviate their boarding situations and prepare dogs for their permanent home through suitable local foster homes.
Find us as @FresAnimalPartner on Facebook
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