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Home Show Bags

We are selling sponsorship on the Home Show Bags. They will have the HBACC Logo on them and you can buy a spot to have your logo added to the bag.

Spots will be Business Card Size - $100

Home Show Scavenger Hunt
We will provide a map of the home show layout to all guests that come to the show. Your Business Name will be on the Map where your Booth is located.

If you want EVERY guest to stop at your booth please send us an image of your logo with $50.

Each guest will have to stop at all booths that have a logo on them and get a Stamp (that we will provide to you), if they get all the stamps they will be entered to win the HBACC Home Show Give Away Each Day.

If you would like to donate something to the HBACC Home Show Give Away then please contact Kennetha.

All applicants submitting an Exhibitor Application and Booth payment fee agree to abide by and be subject to the following rules, regulations, and conditions:

- No indoor exhibit may include an open flame.
- Only one Exhibitor or business per booth (booths may not be shared)
- Exhibit materials must fit within the confines of the booth space rented and may not protrude into aisles or other Exhibitor booth spaces. HBACC reserves the right to move materials violating this rule if the Exhibitor refuses to do so. If conflict between Home Show Committee and Exhibitor arises then HBACC has the right to ask Exhibitor to leave.
- Each Exhibitor will have at least one person at the Booth at all times during show hours.
- All Exhibits must be set up and complete by 3:00 P.M. Friday. Exhibits will remain intact 4:00 P.M. Sunday and must be completely removed by3:00P.M. Monday, March11th. If you do not abide by this rule you will automatically forfeit your refund of deposit.
- All exposed sides and backs of Exhibits must be covered with finish material. (No Metal Display Backings or Unfinished Furnishings)
- Outdoor exhibits will cover an area no larger than 20’ x 20’ and will be placed only in areas designated by HBACC. Inclement weather will not require a refund of any booth fees.
- HBACC reserves the right to refuse any Exhibit materials it deems obscene, illicit or offensive. HBACC reserves the right to refuse any Exhibitor for any reason whatsoever. Exhibitors agree to hold HBACC, its officers, board members, and general membership harmless and not liable for any act to enforce this or any other rule, regulation, condition or policy of the Home Show.
- Each Exhibitor is solely responsible for setting up and removing his or her Exhibit, including provision of tools or equipment needed. Exhibitor should check openings to the Exhibit buildings before the Show dates to insure his or her Exhibit can fit. Ceiling height is 8’
- All federal, state and local fire safety laws and regulations will be followed at all times by each Exhibitor, including temporary wiring for exhibits.
- Taking of orders and arrangement of appointments to quote prices on goods and services is encouraged; Literature, samples and promotional items may be given away. No microphones are allowed without prior written consent.
- Prize drawings will begin at 3:00 P.M. on Sunday, March 11. An HBACC officer will conduct the drawings, if requested.

- Booths will be judged on Friday, at the beginning of the show, for the following awards:
Best Landscape Design: Display of Over the Top/ Cutting Edge/ Amazing Landscape Decor
Most Creative: Use of materials in a way that shows imagination and artistic inventiveness
Most Original: Display of materials in a fresh, new way compared to others
Best Design: Display of materials in a way that clearly describes the product or company
Best Overall in Show: Meets all or most of the above criteria
Rookie Of The Year: 1st Year Booth Entry best overall layout and design

Booth Fees for Entries Before Jan 31st
Size of Booth HBACC Member TN HBA Member Non-Member

5x10 Inside $200 $250 $300

10x10 Inside $325 $375 $425

20 x 15 Inside $650 $700 $750

20x20 Outside $275 $325 $375

Booth Fees for Entries After Jan 31st
Size of Booth HBACC Member TN HBA Member Non-Member

5x10 Inside $250 $300 $350

10x10 Inside $375 $425 $475

20x15 Inside $675 $725 $775

20x20 Outside $325 $375 $425

Deposit Fee
There is an additional $100 Deposit Fee. This is explained below. Please look over this. This is not included in the entry fee and It Is REFUNDABLE.
Banner Display At Show - $50.00
If you are unable to set up in the show but want some advertisement then this is a great way to still be part of our show.
For multiple booth rentals, a discount of $50.00 per booth will apply to the second, third, etc. booth. To receive the HBACC member discount or TN HBA member discount, membership dues must be current at Showtime.

Standard booth furnishings include an 8’ back drape, 3’ side drape and one (1) electrical outlet.
For an additional $25.00, the HBACC will provide one (1) table and two (2) chairs for your booth.
To insure proper fit, booth exhibits should measure 6” less than the stated booth dimensions.
Booth displays should not block other booths. Sides of booths may not exceed 3’ in height.
The Home Show Committee, on a first come - first served basis, will assign booth locations Complete paid applications must be received by February 20th, @5:00 p.m. central standard time. A booth layout will appear in the “Chronicle” special show insert
The Home Show Committee reserves the right to accept late applications. However, neither the Committee nor the “Chronicle” will guarantee late applicant’s inclusion in the special Show insert.
NOTE: Cancellations received by HBACC on or before February 20th will be refunded 75% of the booth fee paid. NO REFUNDS after February 20th. Inclement weather will not be reason for refunds.
Please provide a copy of:
Your certificate of general liability insurance
Quantity of Booths Requested & Size
Booth Number ( Please Provide 3 Options) THESE ARE PREFERENCES ONLY, we are on 1st Come 1st Serve Basis, we may no longer have the spots you want or your competitor may be right next to the spot you want. Please be respectful and understand we are trying to please everyone and we have your best interest in mind.
Your answer
Booth Assignments
Please understand that this is a 1st Come 1st Serve Layout. Booth spaces fill up quickly. We will do the best that we can to get you where you want to be. If you do not get the space that you chose then please understand that they were already taken. We also try to take into consideration who your competition is, with that being said we try to not put you close to your competition. If they have already purchased their booth then we will choose a place close to where you want but away from them. You are always welcome to call Kennetha and find out what booths are open before you submit your application.
Nature of Your Business
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Please Indicate If You Need Table & Chairs
Please List Who You Need Name Tags For (We Provide 4 Name Tags, Additional Name Tags are $2.00 each)
Your answer
Are you having a Door Prize Drawing? If yes, please list what you will be giving away.
Your answer
Deposit Fee
The deposit fee is $100 (This is not included into the cost of your booth.) (You can write a separate check if you please.)

This is a Refundable Deposit.

You can use this deposit to hold your booth space before Jan. 31st, but complete payment must be sent in by Feb 1 in order to continue to hold your booth space.

Refunds will be granted after the Home Show within 30 days after the Show.

Rules for Refund:
Do not take booth down early (4:00 pm Sunday)
Booth must be completely set up by 3:00pm Friday.
There are no damages to Carpet, Tile, Concrete, Walls, etc.
Your Booth Space is Paid in Full By February 20th.

Payment Options
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