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We acknowledge and celebrate the rich traditions, technologies, cultures, and resilience of the Native people of this land throughout history, particularly the Tsalagi (Cherokee), Yuchi, Shawnee, and others. We recognize that systemic racism, white supremacy, broken treaties, violence, and cultural appropriation have created and continue to create barriers to Indigenous communities practicing these traditional skills. We also recognize that despite these barriers, Native communities and knowledge-keepers have found ways to preserve and promote these skills.

We are an organization led by white people, beneficiaries of the same systems that have dispossessed Native communities over the last 500 years, and we teach these skills with the hope of being in good relationship with the land and our human and other-than-human neighbors. We strive toward a respectful relationship with the peoples and cultures who traditionally practice hide tanning and have called these beautiful mountains ‘home’ for millenia. This means trying to let go of the false concept of perfection, and continually committing to the ongoing process of deepening awareness and action around privilege, power, accountability, equity, and acknowledgement.


We offer this scholarship because we recognize how settler-colonialism, white privilege and racism continually manifest in earth-based living culture, both locally and at large. These are forces that divide and exclude and we feel it's important to work against them. For this reason, we don't ask you to "prove yourself" or "earn" this scholarship. We believe that access, equity, and reparations should be built into our socio-political-economic system to heal the past and present trauma inflicted on Native and Indigenous people in the U.S and commit to growing a system of authentic inclusion and restorative justice.

If you are not Native American and/or Indigenous, please do not apply for this scholarship


Please allow one week for us to process your application. If you haven't heard from us in a week, please email
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