Issues Survey
To help us understand what issues you want us to advocate for, and to make sure what we're talking about as a committee matches what matters to you, please take a moment to rank their importance to you. (To keep it real, we expressed "importance" in terms of what you'd do for them, but that's not necessarily what we'll ASK you to do.)

Also, PLEASE add any important issues we may have overlooked!

These issues are important enough to make me...
Do something else (i.e. unimportant)
Read more, or click "like"
Make a phone call or send email
Go to a meeting or event
Canvass or commit to more long-term action
Medicare Expansion (Georgia)
School Safety (Oconee)
Wastewater (Oconee)
School Funding/School "Choice" (Oconee OR Georgia)
Vote Security (Georgia)
Highway Infrastructure (Oconee)
Energy Policy - including nuclear and solar (Georgia)
Campus Carry/Gun Safety (Georgia)
Redistricting/Gerrymandering (Georgia)
Broadband Access (Georgia OR National)
Zoning/Planning (Oconee)
Public Transit (Georgia, but outside Atlanta)
What issues NOT above would also get you out?
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What issues NOT above would also get you to send email or make a phone call?
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How would you describe your politics? (We need to care about everyone's views, not just the "true blue" Dems, if we're trying to figure out what moves people.)
Where do you live? (Again, we care about everyone's views... but especially about locals' views!)
Do you vote?
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