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We look forward to partnering with organizations, networks, and media platforms around the world to share inspiring stories, raise awareness about development challenges and opportunities, and to mobilize your networks to join the online conversation on 22 September!

We believe in the power of networks to amplify impact!

What's expected of Community Partners:
*Mobilize your network to join us online! Promote the Summit in your communities
*Send 1 email blast to your network to announce your partnership to the Summit & inviting them to join!
*Spread the LOVE. Re-share and post our content to your social media networks. Tweet to us! (3 posts)
*Nominate inspiring speakers to speak at the 2018 Summit (can be anywhere in the world)
*Connect us with people doing wonderful work in your community/network that align with the vision of the Summit and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
*Share information with us about your work, including statics, reports, local findings-- anything. We want to leverage your knowledge and expertise to inform our conversations.

What we'll do for you as a THANK YOU for your partnership:
*Be recognized as a "Community Partner" on our website and Summit branding
*We will give you online shout-outs in the lead up to and during the Summit
*You will help be part of an inspiring global conversation
*We will recognize your contributions for any materials or information that we promote that you provided us with (including videos that align with the Summit theme, statistics, reports, etc)
*We will retweet you and re-share your content that aligns with the visions and impact of the Summit

Here is more information about us, we hope it will inspire you:

The Global People’s Summit provides a space for a truly global conversation to take shape—a place where people and organizations around the world can collaborate, share best practices, foster innovation, build community, celebrate success, influence global agendas, and find new ways to translate their vision into action—together online. The Global People’s Summit democratizes access to information and conversations that shape the world. The Global People’s Summit creates a space where people are not left out of conversations because of the color of their passports, inability to travel or social status. By leveraging technology, we take conversations out of conference rooms and put them onto online public forums. Our summit is globally inclusive, and brings narratives from around the world into the heart of the work of the UN and to decision makers. The Global People's Summit is organized by the Humanity Lab Foundation in collaboration with the United Nations Office of Partnerships. Learn more:

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