Ignite the Fire Within | Survey
Hi, ya'll,
Thank you for joining us for šŸ”„ Ignite the Fire Within 30-Day Yoga Challenge. šŸ”„

We are blown away at how many people joined us and were able to complete the challenge. WELL DONE šŸ„³ šŸ™ŒšŸ¼ šŸ‹šŸ½ā€ā™€ļø

Below is a quick little survey to learn more about what worked for you and what didn't. šŸ–„ We use this information to refine our process and make the next challenge even better.

Please fill out this survey to be entered to win the raffle. Be sure to add your NAME and EMAIL so we can get in touch with you with the prizes. šŸŽ

ā–» ā–» ā–» We'll be drawing names after the LIVE CLASS at 11am PST on Saturday, February 6th.

We'll email the winners directly, so for those of you who are not social media lovers, you'll hear from us by email. šŸ“Ø

Much love,
Practice With Clara Team
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Did you listen to the music playlists on Spotify? šŸŽ¶ Was it easy to access?
Which style of yoga was your favorite?
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