2020 Steel City Codes Teacher Application
Steel City Codes is a free summer camp for students entering grades 4-8 for the 2020-2021 school year. Since we are entirely high school student-led, we rely on dedicated volunteers serving as teachers and mentors for our students. At the end of the session, we provide official Steel City Codes volunteer certifications to be used for purposes within high schools.

Volunteers will need to stay from roughly 8:30AM to 4:30PM each day, and all 4 sessions are held at Marshall Middle School (5145 Wexford Run Rd, Wexford, PA 15090). Note that this is different from the 2019 location.

Steel City Codes will be holding the following four sessions for this summer.
- Session 1: June 22 - 26
- Session 2: July 6 - 10
- Session 3: July 13 - 17
- Session 4: August 3 - 7

We will notify you by email within 2 weeks of your application status. Contacted applicants may need to send code segments and/or conduct a phone/video call interview.



Email claireshao2003@gmail.com with any questions/concerns.


Course Descriptions (visit our website for more detailed course descriptions):

INTRO TO PYTHON: This introductory course will cover all of the fundamentals of coding including input/output, loops, logical operations, and more using the very user-friendly Python language!
Recommended Math Grade Level: 4+

INTRO TO JAVA: This introductory level course will cover all of fundamentals of coding while diving a little bit more deep into the logic of programming than Intro to Python might.
Recommended Math Grade Level: 5+

INTERMEDIATE PYTHON: This course will cover more material and move at a faster pace than the Intro to Python course.
Recommended Math Grade Level: 5+ OR Have Taken Intro to Python

INTERMEDIATE JAVA: This course will cover more material and move at a faster pace than the Intro to Java course.
Recommended Math Grade Level: 6+ OR Have Taken Intro to Java

ADVANCED PYTHON: This course will expand upon Intermediate Python and will dive into harder concepts with an emphasis on application-based projects.
Recommended Math Grade Level: 8+ OR Have Taken Intermediate Python

READYAI LABS: INTRO TO AI: This introductory artificial intelligence course sponsored by ReadyAI Labs will cover the fundamentals of AI such as neural networks, AI ethics, and AI in the modern world. Students will be using the kid-friendly Cozmo robot to explore AI while also learning some Python basics.
*You do not need any prior AI experience to be a teacher for this course as there will be a training session held at the ReadyAI Labs.*
Recommended Math Grade Level: 4-5
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