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Thank you for your interest in FastTrek's clinical trial software. Our goal is to provide clinical trial information in an organized, efficient, and user-friendly manner. We are almost ready to go live. If you sign up now, we will send you an email when we launch.

Update 9/26/18: we are very close to public Beta launch. We are making the final additions to the user interface and looking for errors this week.

Update 10/1/18: We added the ability to filter results based on Recruitment Status.

Update 10/8/18: We added the ability to include radius willing to travel AND up to 3 states in the same search. So if you live in North Dakota and are willing to travel 100 miles, but also have family in Florida, North Carolina and Boston, your results page will have more options.

Update 10/15/18: We added the ability to have not only an active report based on search criteria you determine, but also be able to search other parameters so you can search for friends or other people. The active report will be the basis for your weekly email updates.

Update 10/22/18: We working on going live with our beta version. This signup screen may disappear and the tracker may be intermittently active over the next 24 hours. We look forward to bringing you the access to information that you are looking for.

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