Critique and Self-Assessment: Mr. Korb's Classes
Below is the form for your final, written critique. To help you write you should follow the format of Description, Analysis, Interpretation, Judgement. WRITE QUALITY - Analytical and Critical Thinking - NOT JUST OBSERVATIONS (except in DESCRIPTION ). When you have more than one paragraph in a section, add a line space between paragraphs so it is easier to read in the final document.

As you read over your writing, THINK about what you have written. Are you speaking CLEARLY and THOUGHTFULLY? Where are the specific parts of your artwork that you are speaking about? Did you direct comments at very particular aspects of the artwork and elaborate? Did you speak about the successful parts of the work, aspects that were unsuccessful, reasons why they did or did not work, and your personal experiences regarding the work? On the LAST page of the written critique (emailed back to you after you submit this form), you will need to include a final, high quality, well cropped image of the final artwork.

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