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This form is for submission of your book for consideration to be featured as the Book of the Week for HERstory Connections. The Book of the Week exclusively features books by women authors with priority given to HERstory Connections Members. Promotions can include but not limited to HERstory Connections members, our network, social media accounts for HERstory Connections and Just Fearless, blog posts, etc.

There is no additional charge for this as we simply want to help women make HERstory in Literary. There will also be a Book Club coming soon with more activities and features for selected books.

Please make sure every thing is filled out completely. Due to the volume of submissions, we will only contact you if your book is selected to be featured. We are open to all genres of books. We are looking for books that would be of interest and add value to our members. We will ask for an electronic copy of your book below (can be in Kindle format, e-Reader format, Audiobook format, or even PDF format) If we have questions or need more information, we may contact you via email.

Only 1 book per submission and only 1 submission per author. The Author MUST submit their own book. The author MUST be a woman as this is exclusively for women! If your book is selected, we will then request the book cover image to use. Thank you in advance for your submission to HERstory Connections Book of the Week. For more information please visit www.herstoryconnections.com or www.justfearlesswomen.com

****We also have to add this piece for clarity. Our process is not immediate for selecting books. As you can imagine we have a ton of submissions from authors at major publishing houses, independent publishing houses, and self published authors. Our process is to review every single submission fairly, read a few chapters and/or even the entire book, look at table of contents, and the authors information. That takes time. So no one will receive an immediate response and not everyone will be selected as it is clearly marked as "Book of the Week" and there are only so many weeks in the year. but just know that every single submission is considered thoroughly regardless if they are a member or not. It is a FREE service for you if your book is selected.

In addition to our regular duties for our HERstory Members, our Angel Fund exclusively for Female Founders, and corporate duties in supporting and providing global business development for primarily women owned SME's internationally, we have added this initiative because of a personal experience of our CEO, Kisha Mays. She self published her own book a few years ago on Amazon titled "From Failure to Fearless".

She understands what it takes for authors to get publicity and sales for their work and to generate additional revenue streams from it. So she created this Book of the Week series (for our members and for the general public) and additional monthly book club (for our members) to create an avenue to support women authors because millions of books are published around the world annually and only a fraction truly get the support they need for the work to seen and read by more people.

Most are self published thanks to companies like Amazon, Lulu Press, Smashwords, Bookbaby, and independently. The average author sells 250 copies or less of their book throughout the books' publishing life. If an author is luck enough to sell that much or more it still may not even recoup the time, effort, and additional costs such as editing, formatting, cover illustration, etc put into publishing their work. This is not even including marketing costs and efforts. So we truly do offer this service for FREE to help change those odds in your favor. That said, you don't have to be a member to submit your book but we have to tell you that our HERstory members do receive priority in submission consideration. If we didn't say that upfront it could create problems later down the line.

The overwhelming majority of our members are NOT authors, just business owners in a multitude of industries. We don't do this just for them, we do this for the general public as well to get the world reading and learning about new books and genres that they may not have known about. That is the purpose of this. It is unfortunate that this had to be added, but we won't let the negative experience of 1 person (via their independent woman owned publisher) complaining that they were not selected immediately and placed above others stop us from promoting this initiative to the masses and fulfilling our mission of this initiative.

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If your book is selected, do we have your permission to promote and publicize your book worldwide at our discretion without any payment to you? Please be clear that we are NOT selling your book, only promoting your book using your book, image, and likeness if selected for Book of the Week and/or our Monthly Book Club. You agree to be added to our mailing list. *
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