M&M Data Lab
This lab will help you practice and explore the steps in the scientific method:

1️⃣ Ask a question – “Can you predict the colors inside a bag of M&Ms?”
2️⃣ Form a hypothesis – Your group will estimate the number of red, blue, yellow M&Ms in your bag.
3️⃣ Perform an experiment – when instructed, you will open up your bag and seperate your M&Ms by color!
4️⃣ Record your Data – enter the ACTUAL number of M&Ms by color below.
5️⃣ Analyze and revise hypothesis – as a class, view the # in bag and # by color charts in the Google sheet template. How did your predictions compare with the data collected? What observations can you make about the distributions of color in a bag of M&Ms? Is the distribution even?
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