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The Saturday ‘Visiter’ Awards (SVAs) are a new honor, presented by Poe Baltimore, recognizing Edgar Allan Poe’s continuing legacy in the arts and literature around the world. The prizes will honor media, art, performance and writing that adapts or is inspired by Poe’s life and works. Works of any medium and genre released, printed, distributed or first performed between January 1, 2017, and December 31, 2019 (the previous three years) may be eligible. Digital or web-based entries may also qualify but must have been first published/posted in this period.

Entries may be submitted by an artist, producer, publisher, author or any member of the creative team. An ensemble member may submit, but the rights holder's contact information must be provided. Publishers and production companies are invited to submit entries in either category on a creator's behalf. Self-published or independently-produced works are eligible. In each case, the rights holder must be identified and permission granted by them to be considered for an award. Entries may be submitted in any language, but are required to provide English-language subtitles.

For a complete description of eligibility and requirements, please see the "SVA Guidelines for Entry" at
For which category are you submitting? Please see the "SVA Guidelines for Entry" for description of these categories. *
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Please list author(s) or creator(s) names. Pseudonyms or anonymous works are permitted, but the rights-holder must be identified below. *
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Provide URL to the complete work. This is how judges will access the piece to review and evaluate it for consideration.
Do not provide social media or promotional links but rather a link to the work itself. Entrants of written works or images are strongly advised to send links to PDF files or formats easily accessible to the judges. Do not send URL that requires password to enter as this may impede the judges’ access.

This link is for judges only and will not be shared with the public for any reason. At this time, works may only be submitted electronically for consideration. Should you feel your piece is best represented in physical format, please indicate so in your description of the work. In such cases, URL is still required.
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Description or synopsis of the work, including medium and/or genre. Please also note size, dimensions, duration or any site-specific or process details that might not be readily apparent to the judges upon viewing your link. (Note that your entry should be an artistic work rather than critical analysis or academic treatise.) *
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Is your entry a long-form work such as film, novel, script or series (over 10,000 words, over 20 minutes duration or multiple pieces/episodes?) *
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