Jamstack Conf Virtual 2020: Call for Papers
Jamstack Conf is for engineers, web architects, technology leaders and digital agencies who are embracing the next evolution of modern web development architecture. Earlier this year, we hosted our first virtual Jamstack Conf and welcomed 8,500 attendees from across 128 countries. In this special edition event, we explored connecting at global scale, including the pragmatic role played by developers, devops and the web and the future of Jamstack through case studies, new innovations and demos. You can check those talks out here: https://bit.ly/jamstackvids

After a lot of consideration, we've decided to turn our previously scheduled Jamstack Conf in San Francisco into another virtual event this year.

We are excited to open a public call for papers (CFP) for the next Jamstack Conf Virtual taking place October 6-7, 2020. We are seeking a range of speakers to add to our lineup to give 20-minute presentations and 10-minute lightning talks. We will continue to curate and invite speakers, but we will also feature a mix of community-generated speaking proposals.

Submission Deadline: Wednesday, August 12, 2020 11:59pm PDT
Decision date: Monday, August 31, 2020

We will automatically take all past submissions from this year into review for the October event. You may of course submit a new or updated proposal.

You may submit as many talk proposals as you like, and you may propose a single presenter, duo or panel. Please submit only one talk per form entry.

Here are the main themes shaping the event:

✨Full service Jamstack. (Beyond static) ✨
Beyond the perceived limitations of the Jamstack. Case studies, technical deep-dives, and reference implementations of the tools, services, and architectures that enable advanced Jamstack capabilities.

✨Teamwork makes the dream work ✨
Demonstrate how the Jamstack approach, and the tools and services in the category, can empower teams for greater collaboration and more effective and efficient workflows.

✨The evolving Web ✨
How to get the best results from evolving browser capabilities and techniques, and building the web for an increasingly global audience.

But don't stop there! Here are some other topic ideas to get your proposal started:

-Jamstack case studies, project examples and results
-How to use Jamstack in the enterprise
-The available ecosystem: Integrations, services, APIs
-How Jamstack impacts project workflows and productivity
-Modern browser capabilities and APIs
-Performance and accessibility in web development
-Serverless with Jamstack
-Web development best practices
-Static site generators

🙋🙋‍♂️Who attendees want to hear from:
YOU! Our call for papers is open to everyone, no matter their background, origins, experiences or skill levels. If you've been thinking about giving your first conference talk, make it Jamstack Conf! So, you are an experienced presenter - then you know the drill! We will work endlessly to make Jamstack Conf an inclusive and welcoming environment for our attendees and speakers alike.

🌴Benefits for selected speakers
*20-min Speakers*
-A $400 speaker stipend
-Speaker recording kit to get you set up to look and sound like the pro that you are!

*10-min Lightning Speakers*
-A $200 speaker stipend
-Speaker recording kit to get you set up to look and sound like the pro that you are!

📝We'll ask for the follow information as part of your proposal submission below:

- Your name
- 20-minute talk or 10-minute lightning talk
- Type of presentation
- A talk title
- A short talk description
- More details for the selection committee
- Who you work for
- A short bio
- Your email

If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at ashlynn@netlify.com! You can also find help on the community Slack https://jamstack.com/slack under #cfp-assistance

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