JBF Aurora & Broomfield/Brighton Valet Tagging Request Form
Do you have more stuff than time? We can help! We have a team of price savvy and experienced JBF Moms who will prep, price and tag your items for the sale! We even offer Express Drop-Off if you want someone else to set your items on the sales floor for you at the sale. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/express-drop-off-jbf-aurora-fall-sale-2021-monday-august-16th-tickets-154110198753

Deadline for valet tagging requests for the Fall 2021 Sales:
Aurora- July 31, 2021
Broomfield/Brighton- September 30, 2021

You will earn 60% of the selling price, minus the standard $15 consignor fee. If you choose to help a minimum of 4 hours at the sales event you will receive an additional 10-15% of your sales. On average, our Valet Consignors pay $150 to have about 250 items prepped and tagged for the sale, but on average they earn $230 after fees at the first sale! The amazing thing about JBF's universal consignor number system is that you can take your already tagged items to any JBF sale in the nation! You only pay once for the valet tagging!

What can you bring to have tagged?
All clothing infant to Juniors and maternity, baby equipment (bouncers, high chairs, floor mats, exercise saucers, diaper bags and carriers), large and small toys, outdoor toys, ride on toys, books, puzzles, games, breast pumps, etc!

How does this all work?
1. Fill out the form below and our Valet Tagging Coordinator will contact you.
2. Gather your items making sure to sort out the dirty, stained, broken or recalled items. Matching outfits and folding them together help tremendously! Please use our recall finder here: http://www.jbfsale.com/safetyRecallInfo.jsp
3. Place all items in plastic bins to protect them as best as possible. Large, bulky items do not need to be placed in bins.
4. Arrange a drop off time with your assigned valet tagger.
5. Sit back and relax - our valet tagger will prep all of your items. Don't worry - we provide all the supplies needed (cardstock, hangers, safety pins, etc).
6. Once notified that the valet tagger has entered all of your tags, approve the prices within 2 days.
7. Pick up your items and take them to the sale on the appropriate drop off day.
8. Sit back and watch your items sell and plan what to do with the extra money and space in your home!
9. Pick up your items on during Consignor Pick Up times as listed on the website. If you do not pick up your items, they will be automatically donated to our charity partner.

How much does this cost?
First, please note that the fees for this service go directly to the Valet tagger for their time and effort - these are moms that are looking for additional ways to make some money and to help out other moms to participate in JBF.

Tagging Cost:
Single tagged item (such as a coat, pair of shoes or large item) $0.50
2-3 items grouped together (such as a shirt and pants outfit) $0.75
4+ items combined (bags of socks, bibs, multiple piece outfit) $1.00
Unacceptable item (stained, torn, worn, recalled etc.) $.25

All supplies are included in these prices. All invoices must be paid within 5 days via cash or PayPal. Please note if your invoice is not paid within 5 days or your items are not picked up within 5 days, you will forfeit your items to JBF Aurora. If you choose to drop off your items at the sale, you will not need to go through inspection. You will be able check in at the sale and immediately put your items on the sales floor.

We accept items year round for tagging, but please note we do have limited spots available during the month leading up to the sale. We also do not accept any items to tag 2 weeks prior to a sale. This allows our valet taggers to have adequate time to prep and tag your items prior to the start of the sale.

Deadline for valet tagging requests for the Fall 2021 Sales:
Aurora- July 31, 2021
Broomfield/Brighton- September 30, 2021

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! You can email our Valet Coordinator at jbfaurora.valet@gmail.com

We are also always looking to grow our program, please contact our Valet Coordinator if you are interested in becoming a valet tagger.

To get started, please fill out the form below and our Valet Coordinator will be in contact!

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No stains, odors or defects - unacceptable items will be assessed at $0.25 charge for each item dropped off that has stains, is dirty, has defects, or is not resalable.
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