Soulshine Farm Music Festival VOLUNTEER Application Form 2020
Thank you for your interest in being a valuable, most appreciated Soulshine Volunteer for the 7th Annual Soulshine Farm Music Festival, Green Mountain, NC. on August 6-8, 2020. We LOVE and APPRECIATE our volunteers and fully realize Soulshine wouldn't be Soulshine at all without the dedication and love given from all the kind folks involved year after year. Thank you! YOU ARE A SHINY SOUL!

By submitting this application form, you are agreeing to commit to 8 hours, (2) 4 hour shifts or (1) 8 hour shift, of your time volunteering* onsite during the 2020 Soulshine Farm Music Festival. Shifts begin as early as 9 am Wednesday August 5, 2020 (set up) and as late as 4 pm Sunday August 9, 2020 (break down).

*volunteer duties may include trash detail, recycling, hospitality, site maintenance, cooking/prep/kitchen cleaning, front gate/ticketing, parking, runners, kids activities/area, building/construction.

We are looking for smiling faces with a friendly attitude, flexible, kind and courteous. 18 years of age or older.

>>>NEW 2020<<< We are requiring a deposit from NEW Accepted Volunteers (*Returning Accepted Volunteers are exempt from the deposit requirement.) in the amount equal to the 'special early bird' 3-day general admission ticket ($95) to be paid by Check or Money Order. This deposit will be held until the completion of your volunteer shift(s) then returned uncashed back to you onsite. We realize this may be an inconvenience, but hopefully this will help with the no call no shows this year. Please ONLY sign up if you are fully committed to fulfilling your volunteering obligation. If committed and at sometime BEFORE the volunteer schedule is posted, find you are unable to volunteer, please let us know asap. We will return your deposit uncashed, no harm no foul. We are sorry you can't make it. The only way, you will NOT be getting a returned uncashed deposit check or money order, is by being assigned shifts on the posted volunteer schedule and you not fulfilling your commitment, BUT STILL gain access to Soulshine Farm Music Festival 7 under a volunteer ticket. That will be you just paying for your own ticket and missing out on future volunteering opportunities with Soulshine.

Come ready for any weather and occurrence...sunscreen, umbrella, rain gear, insect repellent, poison ivy care, warm clothing for cooler nights, comfortable boots/shoes and a flashlight (its gets pretty dark in these woods) for night shifts. Soulshine Farm Music Festival is held rain or shine.

(1) All volunteers that work a total of 8 hours onsite during Soulshine 7 will earn a weekend pass to enjoy the festival before and after assigned shifts. AND...
(2) A yummy, hearty meal on the day(s) of your shift(s), in the Hospitality/Volunteer food tent. Meal tickets are given to you by area supervisors when your shift is completed daily.
(3) A commemorative Soulshine Farm Music Festival 7 SOUL TEAM T-shirt printed onsite at the T-Shirt City Wagon after Volunteer shift(s) completion.
(4) Free primitive camping and free volunteer parking with early access to festival grounds to set-up camp.
(5) Discounted upgraded camping available.
(6) Discounts at the Official Merchandise tent for more Soulshine swag souvenirs.

We will provide water access at your post. We encourage eco-friendly festivaling by bringing your own non-glass reusable containers. Please encourage others to do so with us.

>Arrive On Wednesday August 5, 2020 for VOLUNTEER CHECK IN at the Front Gate/Ticket Booth between noon and 6 pm. It is preferable that all volunteers are onsite and attend the VOLUNTEER MEETING Wednesday August 5th at 7 pm for updates, meet and greet, and final schedule updates. Location of Volunteer Meeting is TBD. If you are unable to come in on Wednesday, make sure you are onsite and checked in well before your first scheduled shift.
>Check in 30 min. before EVERY shift scheduled at the Front Gate/Ticket Booth with the Volunteer Coordinator. Verify work requirements at this time and head out to your scheduled post to arrive on time. Please be aware of the possibility of on-the-fly post changes. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.
>Check in with area supervisor. Work your entire shift at assigned post, get signed out by area supervisor and receive a meal ticket (1 per day). If you released from your area before the end of your scheduled hours are up, head back to Front Gate/Ticket Booth for reassignment. Failure to check in at both locations could be considered a no show, be sure to check in and out at your scheduled post.
>Read all volunteer area descriptions (listed below) and familiarize yourself on what will be expected at each post. Some jobs are more physical and require a lot of walking on mountainous terrain, some will require standing long periods, others will be more stationary. Please help us put you in your best area.
>Be courteous and helpful to all festival goers and remember you are a customer service representative of Soulshine Farm Music Festival. Please be ready and willing to make sure everyone feels welcomed and appreciated for being a part of our community we all call Soulshine.

>Front Gate/Ticketing: Fast-paced hub of Soulshine! ACTIVE and STATIONARY, get ready! The first area folks encounter at Soulshine. You are the Welcoming Committee. You may be selling tickets, checking in vendors, live artists, and other volunteers, printing and laminating, and among other office duties. You will be helping folks find their way, directing them to camping and parking. Friendly and detail oriented. May be stationed in full sun.

>Official Merch Tent: Where to buy Soulshine swag! STATIONARY, retail experience useful, some heavy lifting. Detail oriented folks needed to sell, organize, display, and inventory Soulshine and band merchandise. Responsible.

>Trash/Recycling: Getting around the whole site! VERY ACTIVE, mostly w/ vehicle, walking. Duties will include picking up trash/recycling throughout site to fill onsite dumpsters. Replacing bags in cans. Replenishing campsite trash bag bundles to campers. Valid Drivers License.

>Stage Crew: Reserved for Returning Volunteers only. VERY ACTIVE, heavy lifting required. Must wear closed toe shoes.

>Hospitality: Behind the scenes at Shine Stage. ACTIVE, food handling experience, friendly. Duties may include cleaning and preparing Green Rooms for bands, food prep and beverage, must be friendly and courteous. Make a very warm inviting area for our artists. Check for proper backstage credentials. May run food to artists to other areas.

>Food/Beverage: Working in the Soulshine Kitchen! ACTIVE and STATIONARY, food handling. Duties may include cleaning, food prep, cooking and serving. Fast-paced area that cleanliness and responsible food handling is very important. Kitchen experience helpful but not required. Area volunteers must wear hat or hair restraint and closed toe shoes.

>Runner/Floater: Be ready for anything pretty much! ACTIVE, willing and able. May find yourself shuttling (must have valid drivers license), delivering food, selling ice at campsites, or helping out at artist check in. If you have unique experience doing something, let us know, we may need help in that department. (ie: master tent builder, bobcat driver, fire tender, builder)

>Kid's Tent: Have fun leading Li'l Shiner activities! ACTIVE and STATIONARY, responsible. You will be keeping our little ones safe and accounted for. Lots of fun, may be helping with costumes, Li'l Shiners parade, cleaning area, organizing games and activities, art and workshops. Mostly shaded area.

>Security: Be the gentle eyes and ears of Soulshine. ACTIVE and STATIONARY, calm presence. Your duties may include checking wristbands, camping or parking credentials. Being stationed at Front Gate before Ticket Booth has opened in the morning or after it has closed for the night. May be stationed in full sun. May be roaming, so walking may be required.

>Parking: Get em in safely! ACTIVE and STATIONARY, may stand long periods in full sun. Organizational skills a plus. Duties may include self-directing folks to their campsite or parking area by walking on mountainous terrain. Must have a working knowledge of the overall camping/parking site map and its limitations. May be required to check camping/parking credentials.

>Set up/Breakdown: Reserved for Returning Volunteers only. ACTIVE and STATIONARY

>>>Submit Volunteer Application Form by April 1, 2020 to be considered for 2020.
>>>Confirmation of Acceptance emails will be sent out by May 1, 2020 along with more info about this year.
>>>Deposit Check/MO are due by June 1, 2020. Held at Front Gate, returned to you no later than August 9, 2020.
>>>Volunteer Schedule will be posted by July 1, 2020. Promptly address changes or concerns.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to .

Thank you! Hope to see you on the Farm!
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