Satisfaction Survey - IYF Forum 2019

We thank you for participating in the forum.
The following survey is conducted to gather an overall evaluation of this past forum, and consists of survey questions that ask participants about the session planning, topics addressed, guest speakers and event management…etc.

The results of this survey will be used as foundation material to improve the forum, and therefore we kindly ask that you take the time to fill out this survey for the development of the forum. According to statistical law, the information required below will be only used for statistical and survey purposes only. Thank you.

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#Program Contents
제목 없음
Please refer to the program contents chart above and list the programs that were most helpful and satisfying in order (Example: 8, 2, 7) *
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Please give reasons to why the programs you listed above were most helpful and satisfying. *
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Please mention the lecturer you were most satisfied with during the forum. *
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This part requires answers considering forum management. Please check(√) the allocated space for each content.
The forum venue was... *
Video & sound facilities were... *
Interpretation during the overall program was... *
Promotion & introduction of the forum were... *
Assistance from protocol & liaison was... *
The method in registering for the forum was... *
Hospitality from forum staff members was... *
This part is on method of exposure and post-forum opinions. Please check(√) the allocated box for each content.
How did you get to know about the forum? *
Did you attend the forum in 2018? *
Do you plan on attending the forum in 2020? *
Please recommend a topic and a speaker(including name, affiliation and country) for the forum which will be held in 2020. *
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Please provide us with your opinion on how to continuously develop the forum. *
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Thank you very much for taking part in the survey.
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