RSPCA Cambridge Application to Adopt a Dog
This form collects the information we need to consider for an adoption. It will not be shared with anyone outside the rehoming and foster care organisers and will not be used for any purpose other than assessing which dog would be the right match for you.

Your Name and address: *
Contact phone number *
Where did you hear about us?
About your home. Do you: *
If you rent, do you have written permission from the landlord?
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Do you have a garden? *
Is the garden secure from escape? Please give height of fence and other provisions to prevent escape.
How many people live at home? Please give number of adults, number of children and children's ages *
Any visiting children? *
If children visit, frequency of visits.
Do you own other dogs? If yes please stage gender and age
Are they neutered?
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Have they been vaccinated within the last year?
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Do you own any other pets? Please give details of specis and number of pets owned.
Do you have any visiting animals? If so, please give details
About your lifestyle. How much daily exercise do you expect to give your dog? (weekdays and weekends)
How active are you?
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How long will a dog normally be left during the day?
Are you planning moving house or a holiday in the next few weeks?
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Do you have space where you could have a kitten/puppy pen or a pen for an adult requiring cage rest?
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Your ideal dog would: *
Very important
Quite important
Not important
Be good with cats
Like other dogs
Be good with livestock
Be comfortable around children
Like strangers
Be housetrained
Enjoy being picked up/petted
Like travelling in the car
Your experience: *
Is there any other information you would like to give us regarding your application?
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