Lunacon 2016 Party Request Form
All parties will be in the Rye Wing of the hotel on either the 4th floor or the 1st floor. The Con Suite will be on the 4th floor in the Sunnyside Suite. The 2nd and 3rd floors, as well as all floors in the Westchester Wing are quiet floors.

Any parties in other areas will be closed down by either the Convention or Hotel Security.

There are both Junior and Luxury Suites available for parties in the Westchester Wing, as well as connecting rooms. If you are interested in booking a Suite, please contact us at for details and pricing.

We will do our best to accommodate all parties and their specific needs, but we cannot make any guarantees.
If you'd like to host a party (public or private), you must register with us in advance and use a room in the active (party) room block. Being in a party room also ensures you are covered by Lunacon's corkage agreement (allowing you to serve food and non-alcoholic drinks). Parties may be "open" (all Convention members welcome, and with doors open or ajar) or "closed" (invitation only). Serving of alcohol is not allowed in open party areas. All open parties will be listed in the convention newsletter.

Parties in a hotel room are considered the responsibility of the person who rented the room. Thus, a person throwing a party in his or her hotel room has the right to eject any person from his or her party if he or she deems that the person is behaving inappropriately. Party hosts are responsible for adhering to Convention policies, hotel rules, and local, state, and federal laws.

Reminder, alcoholic beverages may not be served at open parties. Open parties serving alcohol will be closed down.

Parties posting flyers or other advertisements around the convention will be treated as open parties and subject to the alcohol restriction.

We look forward to working with you.
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Please give us the real name of the person listed on the reservation (no badge names, please!). This allows us to make sure the hotel blocks the room correctly.
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Open and closed parties are defined above.
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We will do our best to accomodate your request but cannot guarantee a room type until closer to the convention.
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Detailed description of the party - this information will be kept confidential and only used internally for room assignments.
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