CHS School Counseling Needs Assessment 2019-2020 (Parent)
What grade is your child in? *
To what degree to do agree/disagree with the following statements? *
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
My child feels safe at school.
My child's school offers enough extracurricular activities.
My child is actively engaged in challenging coursework.
I feel that my child would benefit from tutoring services.
Drugs are a problem at my child's school.
Bullying is not tolerated at my child's school.
My child knows the effects of drugs and alcohol and how their use may affect their life.
My child is aware of the responsibilities dealing with sex and pregnancy.
My child has formed tentative career goals and plans for achieving these goals.
My child understands state graduation requirements and the importance of selecting the correct courses for their future.
Has your child/children experienced or witnessed trauma? *
(Domestic violence, abuse/neglect, divorce/separation, drug/alcohol abuse, death/loss, mental illness, incarceration, etc) If you mark yes and you feel this is something your student would benefit from talking to someone about, please contact your school counselor.
Are there any other topics not previously listed that you feel need to be addressed?
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