Don't Sit It Out Application for Funds
Thank you for taking the time to apply for funds from our organization. All applications will be reviewed and considered based on available funds and the match to our mission and vision. Priority will be given to applications that align with out mission and vision. In order to be considered the application must be completed in full. While under review the board may contact you for additional information.
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Filling out the Application - 4 Sections

Section 1: General information about your request
Section 2: Contact Information
Section 3: About the project
Section 4: Details about the applicant and project need
Request/Project Name (Be Creative)
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Your Name (Parent/Guardian or Person filling out form) - Must be 18 or older
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Student/Child/Group Name (if different than above)
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Age of person(s) benefiting from request
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How did you hear about the organization?
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