Data Scientist at Quantified Skin
Quantified Skin is looking for a Data Scientist with a focus in machine learning and computer vision. We're looking for candidates with at least 2 years of working experience as a data scientist in a team environment. Your 2 years of experience can be at a research lab, startup or a large company.

If chosen, your time at Quantified Skin will look as follows:

50% of your time will be spent working on client projects. Our clients are 20B+ dollar companies in the consumer goods and pharmaceutical space.
- Discuss scientific research with the team on new use cases.
- Develop algorithms for use cases.
- Test algorithms with team members (your code should be readable by your team members).

40% of your time will be spent on R&D in computer vision / machine learning / deep learning.
- Quantified Skin has a list of ongoing research projects on machine learning techniques at the company.
- R&D work is generally translated to customer or new project use cases within the company.

10% of your time will be spent working on a project of your choice.
- You’re invited to scope out a use case of your own, design the use case with a team member and test the idea.
Our last 10% project became a client project within the company and this is why we’re hiring new data scientists.

Please provide detailed information below if interested. We usually respond within 24 hours.

Please send your resume to Dr. Shalini Ananda: Feel free to email her with any questions you may have.

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