ChronicBabe Membership Program - Survey 2019
After 5 years of running a membership service, I'm wondering what else I have to offer - have I reached everyone I want to reach? Have I covered all the topics we all need to address? Is the format the best for our community? That's why I need your help - I want to make sure I'm doing the best I can for as many babes as possible.

Here are some questions about our membership offering, which will help me shape it moving forward. Thank you for your input and help! I make this for YOU so your ideas and questions help me shape my offerings.

And as a THANK YOU for filling out the survey, you'll get a discount code for my Etsy shop, where I sell ChronicBabe buttons, stickers, wristbands, and pen pal kits. After you complete the survey, you'll see the code in my thank-you message.
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May I contact you if I have follow-up questions? (I will never share your personal information with anyone else.) *
Have you ever belonged to a paid ChronicBabe membership group? If so, check the versions you've belonged to (even if it was just for one month). *
If your answer was "no," why not? What has kept you from joining? (Please check all that apply.)
If you have been a member, which of these aspects of the program have been good for you? (Please check all that apply.)
If you have been a member, which of these aspects of the program were disappointing? (Please check all that apply.)
What other kinds of content formats do you wish I would offer? Please list any that appeal to you.
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In future content, which of these themes interests you? (Please check all that apply.)
If your preferred theme was not included in the list above, what theme(s) would you like me to focus on?
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If you could ask me one question and get a personal answer, what would it be?
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Do you find that you need daily/weekly reminders to study new material when you're learning something?
Who are some of your patient advocacy all-stars? Any bloggers you follow, Instagram babes who rock, etc.
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When you're the most scared or worried about life with chronic illness, what do you wish for? (Check all that apply.)
Over the years, I've offered membership at a variety of prices. The highest was $25; the lowest was $9 (that's the current lower price of the ChronicBabe Academy). What do you think is a fair price for a membership group that offers tons of support and instruction?
Is there anything else you wish to share with me about my membership program?
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