INITIAL REGISTRATION: 2018 CL+B Fest HACK Challenge Initial Registration Form
Welcome to the 2018 Computational Law & Blockchain Festival! We're excited to have you as a part of the HACK track, and look forward to your submissions. To provide a global overview of all HACK projects, we're asking all challenge teams to submit an initial overview of the project they intend to complete over the course of the weekend.


To be eligible for global challenge prizes, you must submit this initial submission form BEFORE the start of the 24-hour hackathon period as determined by your local node organizers. You will be asked to submit your final challenge materials before the end of the 24 hour hackathon period.

Submission of this form is required in addition to any terms and conditions of the global challenge you are attempting to solve. You must agree to the terms and conditions of the specific HACK track challenge you intend to tackle during the Festival to be eligible for a prize.

NOTE: When you're all done with your project (before the end of the 24-hour hack period), you must submit your final project materials HERE:

Team Information
Project teams must attend a local node of the CL+B Fest in order to be considered for a prize.
Local Node *
Team Name (e.g., HappyFunTime) *
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Link to a public photo of your team taken live at your Node Venue (e.g., post a photo to Twitter with your team name and hashtag #clbfest2018. For validation purposes.) *
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Full Names of All Team Members *
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Team Point of Contact Information
The information in this section will not be shared publicly and will only be used to contact you about the HACK challenges. It will be shared with the presenters of the challenges you have selected for purposes of administering the challenge.
GitHub Username of Team Point of Contact *
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URL of LinkedIn Profile of Team Point of Contact *
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Email Address of Team Point of Contact (solely for purposes of contacting you about the HACK Challenges - we will not make this information public) *
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Project Information
Please submit information about your project here. Before choosing the challenge, please review carefully and review all terms and conditions. You are solely responsible for complying with all terms and conditions of each challenge. Each challenge is presented and managed solely by the challenge presenter, and not Legal Hackers.
Name of the Challenge(s) your project is attempting to solve. Select only the relevant challenges. *
Your Project Name (e.g.,, GvRN) *
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The URL of the GitHub repository where your project will be developed and submitted *
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The URL or your Project Pitch Video (a 2 minute or shorter video clip uploaded to YouTube under Creative Commons license). Please use the following naming convention for your clip - "2018 CL+B Fest HACK: Team Name - Project Name (Initial Submission)" *
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By selecting I AGREE below, you agree that you have reviewed, understand, and agreed to the terms and conditions of the challenge(s) your team will attempt to solve during the HACK track of the 2018 Computational Law & Blockchain Festival. *
We would like to make basic Team and Project Information (not your Team Point of Contact Information) about the CL+B Fest Challenges public to share all the great work everyone is doing. May we make the information you have submitted in this form public? *
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