YARR Workshop Series (April 2019)
Are you looking for a way to do more to create a community that looks out for each other in the face of fear and repression? Want to learn how to support others to understand their rights, reduce conflict in activist spaces and beyond, and better defend and uplift the rights of others?

In order to develop and expand our ability to respond to community needs, YARR is looking to grow our team of trainers who can offer workshops on core skills that enable our community to effectively show up for each other. Join us this April for a series of workshops to develop your knowledge of key ways to support our community, and to train others to do the same. All are welcome, regardless of previous experience, unless otherwise noted.

All workshops listed on this form will take place at Sanctuary Central at the Hub (703 Pacific Ave. in Santa Cruz).

More information at: https://yarr-sc.org/

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