2023 NCIML All-Star Information
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This is the best number to reach you on short notice. If you don't show up the morning of a contest, this is the first number we'll call.
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This is a back-up number in case we can't reach you at the primary number.
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In case the first two don't work.
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Check carefully to make sure you've entered this correctly. Enter the address you check most frequently. If you don't check your e-mail frequently, then put in your parent's e-mail address. I EXPECT YOU TO RESPOND TO EMAILS SENT TO THIS ADDRESS.
Number of years you've been on the All-Star Team: *
Including this year.
Your age on June 3, 2023 *
This is for ARML registration
NYSML and ARML attendance information:
This information is VERY important. It affects team registrations and assignments, hotel room allocation, costs to the league and to your school.
If you put "I don't know yet",
(a) Mr. Weisswange will be hounding you for an answer, and
(b) you need to find out and e-mail Mr. W AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

If this information changes, you must let us know IMMEDIATELY.
Will you be attending NYSML on April 21-22, 2023? *
Will you be attending ARML on June 2-3, 2023? *
Notes (is there anything we should be made aware of?)
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