Milton Air Quality Residential Observation Log "Village Log"
Milton Village occasionally experiences smells from a number of different sources.
You can report odours directly to the people who have the power to do something about it.
Have you reported the incident to the Environment Agency (0800 80 70 60) and/or Anglian Water (03457 145 145)? *
To help you determine the source of the odour, it's helpful to check the wind direction. A village website can help you with this if you are unsure of the source and to whom to report:
If you received an Incident Reference Number from the EA and/or Anglian Water, please note them here.
Please type the incident reference number. Logging your incident number helps the MAQWP to track incidents, to check whether local site managers received a similar number of complaints to their hotline and to reduce the chance of incidents being underreported to local sites. Providing your incident reference numbers does not enable the Village Log to be able to identify individuals.
Date & time *
Date & time that specific air quality incident began
Is this air quality incident still ongoing- a live issue now? *
Air Quality Offensiveness Rating *
How unpleasant the air was/is.
Not unpleasant
Very Unpleasant
Air Quality Intensity Rating *
How strong the smell was/is. e.g. 1 = Very faint odour, must inhale & face wind to smell it; 3 = Moderate odour, can smell while breathing normally 6 = Intense odour
Duration of this air quality incident until the time of your report *
The duration you may report to the hotline or on this log may only be a portion of the total event time. With multiple reports, we are better able to understand the duration of incidents on a given day.
Street *
Approximate area in which observation was made. Please choose the closest to where you were at time of incident. When finished with this page click "Continue" below to move to the last questions.
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