District 28 Club Sponsor/Mentor/Coach Interest Form
Do you want to earn your DTM?
- Note: both legacy and Pathways programs require you to serve in these roles to earn DTM!
Do you want to share the benefits of Toastmasters with others?
Do you want to help start new, successful clubs?
Do you want to help re-energize low-membership (or otherwise struggling) clubs?
Do you want to challenge yourself to lead teams and share your Toastmasters experience with others?

If yes to any of these, then you would benefit from serving as a Club Sponsor, Mentor, or Coach. Please fill out the form below to unlock this opportunity!

We appreciate your interest in helping Toastmasters International (TI), District 28 (D28), your fellow Toastmasters, and future Toastmasters.

------------------------------------------------------- OVERVIEW OF ROLES -------------------------------------------------------

Club Sponsor - Assist a prospective club with the paperwork, demo meeting, and the charter process. Sponsors act as the single point(s) of contact (SPOC) between the new club and both D28 and TI. This role may last anywhere from 1-day to 1 year, depending on when the club reaches charter strength (20+ members) and submits paperwork & payment. Once the charter is official with Toastmasters International, then the sponsor(s) transitions out as mentor(s) take over.

Club Mentor - Help members/officers in newly chartered club understand Toastmasters by filling roles, offering guidance, and setting a good example (e.g., see the Toastmasters Promise). This role lasts 6-months from date of club's charter.

Club Coach - Provide an outside perspective to an existing club with low-membership and help bring them to Distinguished Status. This role lasts 12- months.

------------------------------------------------------------------ DETAILS -----------------------------------------------------------------
a) Filling out this form isn't a firm commitment - it's only letting us know that you're interested. We'll always confirm with you before we assign you to a role.
b) We'll take note of your availability and when we have a prospective club needing sponsors or mentors, or an existing club that needs coaches, we'll reach out to you to see if you would be willing to help.
c) An opportunity that matches your availability may not be immediately available.
d) A team of fellow Toastmasters on the Club Growth Team will be here to support you behind the scenes (e.g., in filling out charter paperwork) as you help these clubs.
e) You MUST be familiar with PATHWAYS to serve as a Club Mentor or Club Coach (you should be familiar to be Sponsor, but it is not strictly required)

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