AT Program Registration
To register with the Apprenticeship in Teaching (AT) Program, please complete the form below. Please note that you must notify your department's Director of Graduate Studies or program coordinator before you sign up for the AT Program. They will be able to help guide you with regard to department or program expectations and help ensure that participation in the AT Program compliments your other studies. You might also want to consult them about which of the three tracks you ought to pursue (note: you can always change your mind). If you would like more information about each of these tracks, please go to or email

We suggest you keep a copy of your responses for your personal records. Once you have completed this form, you are ready to participate in the AT Program. There is no need to notify us of your form submission.

Please read the following carefully. By submitting your email address, below, you acknowledge that you understand what the program is and that you intend to participate in one of the program tracks. You acknowledge that in order to either complete the Workshop Series or to fully complete the program and receive the notation on your academic transcript, you are responsible for tracking your progress and verifying with CNDLS the completion of all of the following steps prior to your graduation.
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