NoDo Creator Battle Round One Voting Form
Before you fill out the form please read the following information. The specific theme for this creator battle was to build an high quality event track around Paleto Bay. Each creator had to use 3 mandatory corners, add a pit-lane, and keep their tracks under the 2:30 mark. So when you vote, vote for the track you think best suits proper event level racing. (Say MCEC, F1, BWER for example.) Technical Propping/Flow/Layout/Innovation should get priority over Fancy Visuals for example. But those can still weigh into your vote. Please note that the track you (as in everyone) vote as the winner will be used in BWER. :)
Suggest an Area for Round Two. :) (Can suggest multiple.)
What is your username. (PSN/Slack/Discord etc...) *
Vote for the track you think is best: 15 Points for best, 1 point for least best. (Creators must give your own track a 1.) *
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The NoDoRallycross (Lewisc18750)
White Flag (jackowacko82)
Ocean View Raceway (martin170)
The Great TurkeyBun Run (Brady_Imawesome)
Pala Springs Raceway (soccerballin)
Mojito Autocross (BKMOTO28)
Fuccen Bell Raceway (dirty4749)
Paleto RX (Trone_Colby)
Kentucky Schreit Ficken (mr_Obst)
Carpe diem (Xervall_70)
Tour du mur (jbcarfreek)
Creator Battle (kok1947)
The Donkey Punch Duel (steinmj)
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