Women's Rock Guide Course - Sponsored by The North Face | Scholarship Application
The AMGA and The North Face are thrilled to be offering the 2019 Women's Rock Guide Course at the AMGA. This will be the first RGC at the AMGA specifically for women, and taught by all female members of the AMGA Instructor Team.

In addition to the standard application materials for the AMGA RGC, all applicants to the R26 Women's RGC 19 need to complete this scholarship application. $2000.00 scholarships are available to each student that is accepted into the program. To be considered for enrollment, please ensure that ALL of your required application materials are submitted by March 17, 2019.

A few important notes:

* This scholarship form is supplemental to the standard AMGA Rock Guide Course Application - in addition to completing this form, all applicants must follow the standard application process for an AMGA Rock Guide Course, and be Professional Members of the AMGA to apply.

* For full information on how to apply to a program and how applications are reviewed: https://amga.com/apply.

* All applicants are required to pay the $65.00 non-refundable application fee that is associated with all AMGA Mountain Guide Program applications.

* All prerequisites must be met in full at the time of application.

* It is the responsibility of the applicant to meet the application deadline and submit a complete application.

* All scholarship recipients will be required to provide the AMGA office with the follow up scholarship materials within 4 weeks of completing the RGC. Details on the scholarship materials will be provided to all students selected for enrollment.

* AMGA Scholarship recipients are required to pay for their program in advance, and are refunded the scholarship amount upon submitting the required follow up scholarship materials to the AMGA office. If you have questions or concerns regarding tuition payments, please reach out to the AMGA office.

* If you have already applied to, or been accepted to a 2019 RGC, and you would like to be considered for acceptance into the Women's RGC instead, please contact Jesse Littleton, AMGA Guide Program Coordinator, (Jesse@amga.com, 303-271-0984) for assistance.

* Please visit https://amga.com/womens-rock-tnf/ for all the details about this unique opportunity.

Thank you and best of luck with your submission. We appreciate you taking the time to submit your application and applaud you for taking the initiative to further your guide training and education.


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