TS Reina Mercedes Color Guard Request Form
Color Guard Service Note:
Training Ship Reina Mercedes (TSRM) color guard services are for appropriate situations, and take part in public events sponsored by non-federal organizations including non profit organization or agencies that are in support of Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard.

Requesting organization should be aware that TSRM participation in public events may only be provided at no additional cost to the unit.

Please realize that TSRM has a specific missions to promote our youth development program and fulfill training requirements. Participation in public programs will only be authorized when such support is in the best interests of the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps/Navy League Cadet Corps(USNSCC/NLCC) not to interfere with our mission or training programs.

Some requests that cannot be accommodated:
- Private Fundraising events
- Political campaign rally
- Events that benefit a particular business or company
- Events for a narrow segment of the populace, e.g. a family reunion
- Support for or during a religious service
- Events that are not open to the public and discriminate based on religion, race, and political affiliation.
- Events that would be detrimental to the interests or values of the USNSCC/NLCC

TS Reina Mercedes provides color guards services for organizations free of charge. However any donations to supplement travel and equipment maintenance costs is greatly appreciated. For questions regarding color guard services, please forward e-mails to "Public.Affairs@ReinaMercedes.org".

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