4th Grade Summer Log
Reader’s Name:
Fiction or Nonfiction
Clear selection
When does the book take place?
Where does the story take place? 
Character Traits
Give three adjectives that describe the main character, or one of the main characters. Think about: personality traits, race, learning style, ethnicity, language, family structure, economic class, ability, religion, age, species (if not human)
First adjective
Example from that book that shows your first adjective:
Second adjective
Example from that book that shows your second adjective:
Third adjective
Example from that book that shows your third adjective:
Summarize the main events of the story.
At the beginning of the book…   
At then the end of the book…  
Is this book a window or a mirror for you? Please be sure to explain how it is a window or a mirror for you.
Questions and answers
Please create two questions about this book that can be answered from the text. Make sure your questions are ones that would make someone think deeply. (For example, why did Wangari teach the women to plant trees? Answer: Because she knew that planting trees would help restore the land in Kenya and make it a better and healthier place to live.) Please don’t use a question where the answer is either a yes or no. Don't forget to include the answer to your question!
Question 1:
Answer 1:
Question 2:
Answer 2:
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