Decarbonisation Pathways for Europe
What are feasible and adequate decarbonisation pathways for Europe?

To answer this crucial question, the European Commission has launched the European decarbonisation pathways initiative (EDPI) within the framework of H2020. The idea is to extensively mobilise the means of science for supporting EU climate action towards a low-carbon future. A High-level Panel will steer the implementation of the EDPI, through the provision of independent strategic advice on objectives and milestones.

To achieve this ambitious task, the European Commission relies on the vast expertise of leading scientists and experts from policy, industry, and civil society.

This is where you come into the game!

To identify the latest trends, developments, challenges, opportunities and prospects in relation to a transition to a low-carbon society in Europe through a participatory engagement process, DEEDS (DialoguE on European Decarbonisation Strategies) was set up. In the coming 2 years, we invite you to share your knowledge and perspectives through surveys, webinars, workshops and consultations, which are directly fed into the EDPI process.

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