Electronic Warfare Cyber Convergence (EWC2) Workshop
For additional information, please contact joseph.kosturko@usma.edu.
About the EWC2 Workshop
The EWC2 Workshop is designed as a collaborative effort between thought leaders, decision makers, and researchers across military services, defense agencies, and civilian organizations seeking to discuss, debate, organize, and determine the friction points, hurtles, and ways forward within the converging EW and Cyber domain. Focus points for the workshop include innovative research, training, and opportunities to advance and support Cyber Electromagnetic Activities [CEMA] in a space that is increasingly congested and contested. Participants will explore how EW/Cyber convergence can be leveraged to support information operations (IO) and allow commanders to out maneuver adversaries, both physically and cognitively, in multi-domain battle. Outcomes of this event will include the next stage of research objectives needed to enable friendly forces to operate effectively in the current and future battlefield while deterring, denying, disrupting, countering, or destroying the adversary's ability to do the same.

The workshop's Audience targets researchers, scientists, senior engineers, and technology leaders from government (W2-W4/O4-06/GS12-GS14), industry, and academia working in the field of Cyber EW who are interested in realizing innovative discoveries applicable to the DoD within the domain.

Dates and times for the workshop are 1200-1700 on 22 October and 25 October 2018. Meeting locations will be posted a couple of weeks prior to the event date.

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Applying for this workshop does not guarantee an invitation. The workshop is designed for no more than 50 participants. Applicants will be notified of selection results by September 30, 2018.
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