Week 28 of Laws of the Game Quiz 2017-2018 - questions by Dutch Referee Blog
The Laws of the Game Quiz is now only open as a quiz to test your knowledge. On DutchReferee.com you'll find new quizzes weekly that will give you an opportunity to win some refereeing goodies. Good luck with this test.
1. A player uses lenses to see properly. But while refreshing during half-time he loses one of them. The players wants to play with sports spectacles now. Is this allowed? *
2. The ball is kicked by the attacking team into the far corner. Only one attacker runs after it. The ball touches the corner flagpost and remains in the field of play that way. The attackers dribbles towards the goal and scores. The referee ... *
3.Which is not a permitted procedure to determine the winning team *
4. When is a penalty kick in a penalty series NOT completed yet? *
5. A red card may NOT be shown to ... *
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